Areas of Service

Professional Education

The Chosen Family Law Center, Inc. will produce Continuing Legal Education classes and training documents for lawyers, and trainings and resources for mental health and other professionals, to spread cultural proficiency and alternative skills for professionals who seek to understand and provide the best possible service to chosen families. Part of our mission is to spread the ability to serve these families, and to curate and maintain a directory of attorneys, mental health professionals, and other service providers who have received these trainings.

Direct Services

The Chosen Family Law Center, Inc. provides direct family-building, mediation and legal support for low-income and underserved clients in the area of family creation and protection. We believe that every family deserves support in their self-determination and the protection of their family relationships, and that access to services that are compassionate, creative, and culturally proficient should not be accessible only to those who can afford private representation. 

Public Education

The Chosen Family Law Center, Inc. disseminates public education materials to help members of our communities understand the rights and the legal and extralegal protections available to them, and to empower them to build supported and stable interdependencies; as well as to break down stigma and discrimination against these communities.