Parentage Protection Project

We do Sperm Donor Agreements and Second-Parent Adoptions to support same-sex couples. No one should go without these essential parenting documents because of lack of funds.

Sperm Donor Agreements and Assisted Reproductive Technology: 

Our attorneys negotiate and execute contracts between egg and sperm donors and potential parents and assist these families in navigating the complex legal landscape around these relationships and planning for a future that is protected from unwanted legal consequences.


We are thrilled to support the start and growth of new families, and pursue agency and private adoption for same-sex couples and second-parent adoption for the partners of biological parents in same-sex couples. 

We also hope to expand adoption availability to polyamorous families who may be discriminated against by adoption agencies, and expand options for third-parent and fourth-parent adoptions to clarify when three or four adults are intended parents of a child, to protect a child’s rights to be legally connected to their parents.