Current Project updates

We are continuing to roll out the planned projects listed on the right on an ongoing basis.  The general categories of cases we are now taking are: 

Our eligibility criteria are: 

  • Household income at 250% or less of the federal poverty level ($31k for an individual, $42k for a couple, $53 for a couple with a child or triad - see the income and eligibility chart here
  • Approximate net worth of less than $50k 
  • NY or NJ residents (additional limitations based on project type and location) 
  • We serve same-sex couples, LGBTQI individuals, and non-nuclear and underserved family forms, including platonic co-parents, polyamorous families, parent groups of 3 or more, caretaking partnerships, and kinship networks 
  • Services are fully free and pro bono unless additional fees are noted 


To request assistance please complete our online intake form HERE. 


For further assistance, please contact us at or call (732) 639-1657.